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Optimum Training Club

Join the first EVER club to have a Training Club!

After 2 successful seasons. We know what we are doing... So we are doing it again! And we are more excited than EVER about our Training Club season! 


What is Optimum Training Club and who can join?

Optimum Training Club is made for players and families who:

  • Cannot commit for a full schedule from a regular volleyball season
  • Have other extracurricular activities
  • Cannot commit financially to a full volleyball club program
  • Player did not make a team during tryouts and still want to continue to develop their skills

EVERYONE is welcome to join Optimum Training Club! 

Here is how it works:

The players will have the same amount of practices and as any other Optimum Volleyball player. If 7 or more players within the same age group are registered with our Training Club, we will then create a Training Club Team which will play in 4 tournaments (upon agreement of all Training Club Team members we can have the option to add additional tournaments but this will mean there are additional fees related).

Once you join as a Training Club Player, you will practice with the FULL time players. You MAY be asked to play in up to 4 tournaments within the season. ONLY COACHES will determine which tournaments you are invited to.

Playing time is NOT guaranteed. Coaches will determine how much playing time each player will get.

You MAY be asked to join for the rest of the season, or come to more than 4 tournaments. If this happens, the Training Club player is responsible to pay the pro-rated price for that tournament or for the rest of the season. Joining the remaining of the season must be approved by both the Coach and Optimum Volleyball's Director Pri Piantadosi-Lima.

The goal is to help the player catch up with her skills, have the same amount and quality of training as any other club team and have the opportunity to still play (if the Training Club Team reaches the amount of required players within an age group)



*You may only qualify as a candidate for the Training Club program if approved by an Optimum Director.

**You MUST participate at a regular tryout (if you are invited to join TC after tryouts are made, you MUST pay for the tryout fee)

***You ONLY qualify as a Training Club player if you do not make a FULL SEASON team, or unless an Optimum Volleyball Director approves your status.


Email us if you have any questions:


The cost of the Training Club Season is $1500 for 16U-18U and $750 for 12U-14U.

**This does not include club apparel